Why is My Refrigerator Leaking?

Is your refrigerator leaking? This common problem is one that many people experience. Luckily, a fast response usually resolves the problem without a lot of headache at the end of the day. But, most people want to know why their refrigerator is leaking and what they can do to resolve the issue fast.

Why is the Fridge Leaking?

If the refrigerator starts leaking, you shouldn’t ignore the leak. It will only make the problem worse. Some common causes of refrigerator leaks include:

·    Blocked Defrost Drain: The defrost drain can become blocked by ice or food particles, resulting in the water not properly defrosting. It then drains into the pan, causing buildup and blockage.

·    Water Filter Woes: If the water filter on the refrigerator is not properly installed, expect a variety of issues small and large. It can be difficult to get a proper water supply if the filter is incorrectly installed.

·    Cracks: Cracked drain pans certainly cause leaks. Make sure to inspect the drain pan for cracks, chips, and other signs that this is where the trouble lies. Replace the pan and the problem will likely resolve itself, if you respond to the problem before it leads to more issues.

Fridge Repair Costs

Ge Refrigerator repair philadelphia pa costs are much more reasonable if you respond to the problem at the first sign of trouble. The amount of money you’ll spend to make this repair various and many factors determine the costs. This includes the type of leak, the company chosen to make the repair, etc. Take the time to compare rates with a few providers before you hire to get the best rates.  Fridge repair costs may not be costs you want to endure but sometimes it is necessary. You need the refrigerator working properly!